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A Wisconsin and Southern locomotive engine passes in front of the Blount St. natural gas power plant in Madison, Wisconsin. A bicycle is parked in the foreground.

A Syllabus for Contextualizing Energy Policy Debates

Visions of the future of United States energy production cannot be understood without a good sense of the past. We’ve gathered some of the most helpful sources for thinking historically about energy.

Arctic iceberg with its underside exposed

Is the Arctic Out of Time? A Conversation with Andrew Stuhl

Andrew Stuhl discusses how we can “unfreeze” the Arctic’s history and gain new insight into climate change and future possibilities.

Edgy Stuff title with image of turkey feather

Edgy Stuff: November 2016 Recommendations

November 2016 recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.


Edgy Stuff: National Parks Centennial Edition

The Edge Effects Editorial Board’s September recommendations feature content on the National Parks from around the web and beyond for the parks’ Centennial.


Review: Adam Trexler’s Anthropocene Fictions

A new book surveys 150 novels about climate change and makes the case for the virtues of cli-fi.


Edgy Stuff: July 2016 Recommendations

July 2016 recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.


The Missile

A sonnet about an unexpected winter visitor.


Notes from the Great Transition

Training people to help create communities that are better suited to a changing environment is important work—but quite a challenge when it’s not at all clear what that future will look like.


Edgy Stuff: November 2015 Recommendations

November 2015 recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.


Building Beaches: Beach Nourishment in the United States

A hard look at the soft engineering that goes into our beaches.