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January 2016 Recommendations, A Farewell, and Three New Members of the Editorial Team

A few announcements plus January 2016 recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.


Land Use Legacies: What We Do in Life Echoes in Eternity

The ecological legacy of our ancestors is deeply engraved in the environment today—a fact that reminds us of our shared responsibility to our descendants.


Rewilding the Badger Army Ammunition Plant

Volunteers and stakeholders bring prairie ecosystems back to life on the grounds of what was once the world’s largest munitions facility.


Killing Birds

The recent collection of a rare bird re-ignites the debate among scientists and broader publics about the value of lethal techniques for studying wildlife.


Green Conservatives: A Conversation with Brian Drake

Advocates of small government have a long and uncharted history within US environmentalism, argues Brian Drake in an interview about his recent book.


Nature’s Finance: Perspectives on Markets and Conservation

Markets have become increasingly popular for enacting conservation goals, but they challenge us to consider our relationship to nature in new ways.

Quantum Computing

What Does Quantum Computing Mean for Conservation?

The rise in new, powerful computing techniques could transform a conservation sector that has grown increasingly reliant on sophisticated modeling and visualization software to make decisions about which places are worth protecting.