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CHE graduate students and faculty members gathered in a circle of interdisciplinary conversation during our place-based workshop on "Landscapes of Extraction" in May 2014. Photo by William Cronon. Click to enlarge.

Working the Edge; or, How We Built This Thing

One year since launch, our founding managing editor looks back on building Edge Effects.


Edge Effects, One Year On

Edge Effects celebrates its first year as CHE’s dedicated blog for lively, interdisciplinary conversation about culture, history, and the environment.

Jennifer Colten Wasteland Ecology 9522

Photographing Urban Margins: Jennifer Colten’s “Wasteland Ecology”

Jennifer Colten’s photographs of wasteland environments challenge some of our deepest cultural values about nature and landscape.

Aldo Leopold examining the forest edge

Why Edge Effects?

What’s in a name? Edge effects in the history of ecology, the geography of Wisconsin, and the interdisciplinary values of CHE.