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Hip-Hop and Environmental Health: An Interview with Dr. Sarah Lappas

Far from just a form of entertainment, Dr. Sarah Lappas explains how hip-hop can empower both artists and audiences to think more critically about their environments.

Bart Elmore, Citizen Coke

Coke and Capitalism: A Conversation with Bart Elmore

Bart Elmore discusses how Coke came to shape landscapes and bodies the world over, and what that suggests for the future of corporate sustainability.

February 2014 Recommendations

Edgy Stuff: February 2015 Recommendations

February 2015 recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.

Resilience in post-war Southeast Asia

Resilience after Catastrophe? Five Reflections on “Apocalypse Then”

How do humans cope with disaster? Can ecologies recover after catastrophe? Five reflections on resilience in the aftermath of the Vietnam Wars.

Blaser, Missing Microbes

Review: Martin Blaser’s Missing Microbes

Martin Blaser worries that “missing microbes” may be responsible for a whole host of modern ailments.

December 2014 recommendation

Edgy Stuff: December 2014 Recommendations

December recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.

Headline from a Liberian Newspaper Photo by Alexander Ush Wiaplah.

The Invisible War: Emmanuel Urey on Ebola in Liberia

The current Ebola epidemic has claimed close to 4000 lives in West Africa. Edge Effects interviews CHE Graduate Associate and Liberian citizen Emmanuel Urey about the crisis.