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Crowd at opening ceremony at the Woodstock music festival, 1969

An Environmental Playlist of the Twentieth Century

Take a trip through the twentieth century to explore the development of environmental themes through popular music.

A parakeet named Punky perched on piano keys. A modified version of a photo by Amyra Moon, March 2011.

Can a Piano Sing a Birdsong?

The French composer Olivier Messaien attempted to reproduce the calls of 80 European birds in a three-hour piece for solo piano. Did he succeed?

Edgy Stuff title with image of turkey feather

Edgy Stuff: November 2016 Recommendations

November 2016 recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.


Sounding Calls

The forgotten soundscapes of the Old Mississippi River.


Edgy Stuff: February 2016 Recommendations

A special edition of our February 2016 recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board, honoring Black History Month.


Listening to the Anthropocene: John Luther Adams’s Become Ocean

A meditation on an orchestral work that evokes our era of environmental change.


Hip-Hop and Environmental Health: An Interview with Dr. Sarah Lappas

Far from just a form of entertainment, Dr. Sarah Lappas explains how hip-hop can empower both artists and audiences to think more critically about their environments.


Edgy Stuff: July 2015 Recommendations

July 2015 recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.