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Where Land, Water, and Militants Meet: A Conversation with Nancy Langston

Dr. Nancy Langston speaks about the current conflict in Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and about hopeful collaborations for conservation.


The Stories and Languages of Home: A Conversation with Robin W. Kimmerer

Dr. Robin W. Kimmerer speaks about indigenous knowledges, traditional science, and the stories and words that connect us to our nonhuman homes.


Atomic Cities, the Mirage of Safety, and the Word “Environment”: A Conversation with Kate Brown

CHE’s upcoming symposium asks: how useful is it to talk about the “environment”? Is there a better word or framework? Dr. Kate Brown gives us her answer as she shares her research on atomic cities.


Green Conservatives: A Conversation with Brian Drake

Advocates of small government have a long and uncharted history within US environmentalism, argues Brian Drake in an interview about his recent book.

Harry Greene

Rewilding and Reptiles: A Conversation With Naturalist Harry Greene

World-renowned herpetologist and naturalist Harry Greene discusses humanity’s “deep history” with snakes, empathy and embodiment in animal research, Pleistocene rewilding, natural history in education, and more.

Bart Elmore, Citizen Coke

Coke and Capitalism: A Conversation with Bart Elmore

Bart Elmore discusses how Coke came to shape landscapes and bodies the world over, and what that suggests for the future of corporate sustainability.

"Fog and Water." Photo by Nathan Jandl. Simplicity.

A Podcast on Simplicity

Five members of the CHE community discuss the surprisingly complex idea of simplicity in the context of environmentalism.