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Suburban Commuters, Urban Polluters

The migration of African Americans to cities and the rise of a commuter culture in the suburbs were shaped by one transformative technology: the automobile.

May 2016 Recommendations

Edgy Stuff: May 2016 Recommendations

May 2016 recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.


Bike Battles: A Conversation on the Road with James Longhurst

A new book by historian James Longhurst profiles the long and contested history of bicycling and (spoiler alert!) the not-so-open road in the United States.


Shifting Gears: Rethinking Bicycling in Wisconsin

From “improved” velocipedes on skis to a Good Roads Movement, the history of bicycling is more surprising and wide-reaching than one might expect.

January 2015 Recommendations

Edgy Stuff: January 2015 Recommendations

January 2015 recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.

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Seven Ways to Sense the Anthropocene

Seven projects that help us to better sense—visualize, hear, count—ecological and social transformations in the “Age of Humans.”