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Latest episodes

Bacteria samples under a microscope

Rewilding the Human Biome: A Conversation with Jamie Lorimer

From the scale of a landscape to the scale of a human body, Jamie Lorimer sees a "probiotic turn" underway that uses life to manage life.
Close-up photograph of slender plant roots

The Roots of (Radical) Animism: A Conversation with Jemma Deer

In conversation with Shelby Brewster, Jemma Deer discusses her new book, Radical Animism: Reading for the End of the World.
Snow sampling

Forever Chemicals on the Ski Trail: A Conversation with Gail Carlson

In conversation with Clare Sullivan, Dr. Gail Carlson explains how toxic PFAS found in some in ski waxes contaminate the environment and why regulating them is difficult but crucial.
Close up person wearing denim jacket that says "Sagebrush Rebellion"

Legacies of the Sagebrush Rebellion: A Conversation with Jonathan Thompson

Robert Lundberg talks with journalist Jonathan P. Thompson about land management, settler colonialism, and the legacies of the Sagebrush Rebellion in the American West.