Four Greco-Roman Perspectives on Humans and the Environment

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  1. Annis Pratt says:

    Bravo! A great collection of classical writings from works that inspired the European Enlightenment. It was not always positive, was it, when the wonder’s of man’s (sic) exploitation of the earth are held up for admiration in and of themselves? “Mastering” nature and “domination over” the earth were classical goods that, carried out to their fullest, have been evils now, so detrimental to our lovely planet. A tragic irony?

    • Adrienne Hagen says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Annis! My larger research interests include tracking down the exceptional voices from antiquity that criticize the idea that domination of nature is a goal of human life, but these are few and far between in the extant record. Still, it comforts me to know that even then there were people trying to speak out about of the abuse of nature (and the related exploitation of the people who were used to extract resources, especially in agriculture and mining operations).

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