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One of the residences made hospitable by the eucalyptus grove. The eucalyptus is visible in the background on the right side of the photo.

The Avant-Garde Meets Ecology in the Open City

Communal living and artistic experimentation have thrived at the Open City for over forty years. In the face of pollution and environmental degradation, the collective of poets, artists, and a lone ecologist are reimagining green design.

Jill Pelto illustration with the ocean in the foreground and two layers of glacier in the left rear, with the horizon shaped by a line graph moving down from left to right. Four suns are arranged in an arc in the background.

Apocalypse in Watercolor

To reach a broader audience, one artist and physical scientist takes data on environmental catastrophe and renders it beautiful.

E is for Environment

The organizers of CHE’s grad student symposium talk about defining “environment” and the possibilities for collaboration at this weekend’s event.