Tagged: Troubling Time

Various documents and a black and white polaroid sit on a counter, each has visible burning around the edges.

Archives, Aldo Leopold, and an Age of Fire

Dylan Couch traces the complex connections between Aldo Leopold’s conservation land ethic, worsening wildfire risk, and archival precarity that threatens not only living and physical things, but collective memory.

A sculpture with two long mosaic pieces of browns, grays, and blacks reaches toward the sky. The sculpture is surrounded by a ring of rust-colored rocks.

Memorializing Wildfire at the Playground

Jessica George interrogates the politics of seemingly apolitical wildfire memorials and examines how climate change-related art challenge the timelessness of conventional monuments.

A glass terrarium-like installation stands among yellow and red plants in autumn.

The Deep Roots of Plant Time

Yota Batsaki explores the ways Kapwani Kiwanga’s sculpture “On Growth” converges the past and the present, challenging human temporalities through exploration of plant time. The sculpture is on display at the High Line in New York City.

A flock of sheep walking on a dry and barren landscape along with two male pastoralists holding sticks.

What Time is the Nomad?

Natasha Maru engages with the pastoralist temporalities as experienced by Rabari nomads in Kachchh, India. This narrative ethnographic account highlights the changing rhythms of pastoral lifestyles with shifts in the political economy of the region.

bouquet on headstone on grass

Grave Decoration and Deep Time: A Poem

Inspired by embalming practices and artificial flowers in graveyards, Madeleine Bavley pens a poem exploring how we might trouble time with synthetic substances.