Why Edge Effects?

Aldo Leopold examining the forest edge

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  1. Anna Z. says:

    This is really fantastic. Although I’m familiar with many of these intersecting stories individually, the way that you have brought them together into such an elegant tale is breathtaking. I’m in deeper awe of CHE, UW, Wisconsin, and now Edge Effects than ever before! So eager to follow along and read more.

  2. Great blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. Alejandra Raffo says:

    I agree with Anna. In particular, the best way of approaching edge effects is by reading, because I live in another part of the planet. Nevertheless, by reading Cronon’s article and other CHE participants I learn to recognize how valuable is the place I live. Besides, I always foster interdisciplinary research. As Cronon says here, it is the best way to learn and respect each other.

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