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Latest episodes

A brown deer with white spots stands in the middle of a forest clearing. There are green trees around the deer that are illuminated by sunlight.

Goats, Bees, and Poetry: A Conversation with Nickole Brown

Heather Swan speaks author and poet, Nickole Brown about her relationship with animals, the more-than-human world and the Hellbender poetry conference.
A barge containing garbage is floating on a river. In the background, there are buildings and cityscape.

From Trash Trade to Waste Colonialism: A Conversation with Simone Müller

Paul Sutter interviews Simone Müller about the famous case of the Khian Sea, a "renegade ship" carrying waste and trying to dock in different countries. The ship reveals the many contradictions within environmental movements and policies.
an image of the man-made island in the Maldives, Hulhumalé

Centering Islands in a Rising Ocean: A Conversation with Christina Gerhardt

Samm Newton interviews Dr. Christina Gerhardt about her 2023 book Sea Change, which is a collection of essays, a history of connection, and a window into island nations facing an uncertain future.
Reforging Gun Culture in the American West: A Conversation with Bryce Andrews

Reforging Gun Culture in the American West: A Conversation with Bryce Andrews

Writer, rancher, and farmer Bryce Andrews discusses his newest book Holding Fire, which traces his personal story of grappling with the history of guns and violence in the American West.