Natalie Portman inspects a crocodile in the film Annihilation

In Annihilation, the Revolution Will Not Be Human

A science fiction novel offers a genre-bending perspective that helps us think about wildness, purity, and invasion in new and strange ways.


Thoreau, Now More than Ever: A Conversation with Laura Dassow Walls and Daegan Miller

Are there better ethics than hope? Two scholars with new books about the author of Walden reflect on Henry David Thoreau’s environmental ethic, flirtations with despair, and anarchist politics.


Olympic Do-Over: How Olympic Redevelopment Erased South Korea’s Past, Twice

Three decades after the 1988 Seoul Olympics, what lessons has the South Korean government learned about redevelopment and the Olympic Games?

The protester's sign, which reads "Climate Emergency," takes up the whole frame. The sign includes the shape of the Earth, an orange and red background, and stark black lettering in the foreground.

The Rise of the Climate Change Novel

What happens when our changing world starts to look more and more unreal? The recent boom in novels that depict climate change pits the real against the magical, surreal, and fantastical.

A hand in silhouette holds up a cannabis leaf up against a bright, overcast sky.

A Century of Cannabis: A Conversation with Nick Johnson

One historian exposes shadowy corners of cannabis’s history and offers prescriptions for achieving a bright, sustainable future for the world’s widest-ranging crop.

On the left side, an image of Santo Toribio on a pale blue backround, ringed by nopal cacti. On the right side, "Oracion Por El Emigrante", a Spanish-language prayer for immigrants.

The Violent Environments of the Mexico-U.S. Border

An artist honors the struggles of undocumented immigrants in the Mexico-U.S. borderlands and shows the emotional and environmental toll of immigration policies.


“Working at the Edge” Photo Contest Winners

The winners of Edge Effects’ photo contest capture a variety of dramatic, surprising, and precarious border crossings from around the world.

Cat lying on a book

Faculty Favorites: Books to Add to Your Shelf This Spring

Five professors recommend an eclectic set of environmentally focused books about animals, shopping malls, feral children, and more.

A sterling silver sculpture of a honeybee

Finding Hope and Community with Honeybees: A Conversation with Heather Swan

The decline of honeybees is cause for alarm and a symptom of global biodiversity loss. Beekeepers, however, find creative ways to build relationships with honeybees and steward their hives.


Designing Seeds and Laboratories for the Green Revolution

The modernism of the Green Revolution is visible not only in the genes of seeds developed by agronomists, but also in the architecture of the campuses and laboratories where those seeds were engineered.