Troubling Time

Few things have puzzled, terrified, inspired, and frustrated human societies over time as much as time itself. Whether mourning or reveling in the past or dreading or anticipating the future, time shapes lives and opportunities, emotions and perceptions. It shapes how every society and culture understands and interacts with the world around it. Thus, in few areas is the role and complexity of time more visible than in discussions and conceptualizations of “the environment.” In this special series, Edge Effects shares writings that interrogate environmental ideas, spaces, processes, and problems through the lens of temporality. 

Series editors: Rebecca Laurent, Rudy Molinek, Samm Newton, Prerna Rana, and Weishun Lu

fossilized whale hone erected on a cliff

The Matter with Time

Monika Szuba confronts deep time through the examination of decay, between what is real and what is synthetic. In this, ...
bouquet on headstone on grass

Grave Decoration and Deep Time: A Poem

Inspired by embalming practices and artificial flowers in graveyards, Madeleine Bavley pens a poem exploring how we might trouble time ...
The medieval furrow field described by the author. A green grassy field under a blue sky with an old looking building in the background

Oxen Time, Multispecies Moments, and a Furrowed Field

In this entry to the Troubling Time special series, Caroline Abbott explores a medieval furrow near her home in Cambridge ...
A flock of sheep walking on a dry and barren landscape along with two male pastoralists holding sticks.

What Time is the Nomad?

Natasha Maru engages with the pastoralist temporalities as experienced by Rabari nomads in Kachchh, India. This narrative ethnographic account highlights ...
A glass terrarium-like installation stands among yellow and red plants in autumn.

The Deep Roots of Plant Time

Yota Batsaki explores the ways Kapawni Kiwanga's sculpture "On Growth" converges the past and the present, challenging human temporalities through ...

Featured image: Starry night. Photo courtesy of Kaitlin Moore.