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A composite image of the earth at night

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Darkness is vanishing, and that’s a problem. Historian Kenneth Weisbrode and poet Heather H. Yeung explain how and why we seek out the dark.

The two covers of Slobodian and Selcer's books, one a painting of a brown window and the other overlapping circles

Managing the Globe after Empire

New books by Perrin Selcer and Quinn Slobodian show how ideas about the global environment and global economy took shape in response to the end of empire.

Photo of a highway and urban metro line in Manila.

Surviving Carmageddon in Manila

To address the traffic crisis in the world’s fourth-largest city, officials seek to modernize urban transportation by phasing out the city’s iconic jeepney, a uniquely Filipino mode of transport repurposed from a bygone colonial era.