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Bog with green vegetation and blue water

Swamp Feelings

Annie Proulx’s 2022 book Fen, Bog, and Swamp is a melancholy love letter to wetland ecosystems. But missing from this lament, Nino McQuown argues, are hopeful histories of resistance.

Fountain and reflections at the Stravinsky Memorial

Where the Queer Wild Things Are

Can wildness be its own way of thinking and knowing? And where should we look to find out? Julia Dauer reviews Jack Halberstam’s wide-ranging new book, Wild Things.

Close up of concentric circles in wood

Listening to What Trees Have to Say

Trees might have a lot to say, but how can humans hear them? Solvejg Nitzke reviews Valerie Trouet’s new book, “Tree Story: The History of the World Written in Rings.”

The Quarantine Garden

Gardening is on the rise as the world quarantines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Anna Muenchrath considers the implications and opportunities of the quarantine garden in her review of The Poetics and Politics of Gardening in Hard Times.