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Floppy disk

Vocabularies for Technology, Nature, and the Anthropocene: A Conversation with Scott Kirsch

A conversation with geographer Scott Kirsch about what we mean when we talk about technology, and how we can understand the relationship between language and environmental and historical change.


Listening to the Anthropocene: John Luther Adams’s Become Ocean

A meditation on an orchestral work that evokes our era of environmental change.


The Shape of Hope

Fishing provides the opportunity to reconsider the grounds for hope in this time of the Anthropocene.


Dueling Manifestos: Responses to an Ecological Crisis

This comparison of the Leap and the Ecomodernist Manifestos finds hope in an ethic of care.


Measuring the Anthropocene

In the Anthropocene, or “age of humans,” maps open up important but complicated spaces of dialogue about the “human imprint” on earth systems.


Placing the Golden Spike: Uneasy Temporality in the Anthropocene

A new exhibit at the UW-Milwaukee Institute for Visual Arts offers a range of imaginative visualizations for the crisis of the Anthropocene.

January 2015 Recommendations

Edgy Stuff: January 2015 Recommendations

January 2015 recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.

December 2014 recommendation

Edgy Stuff: December 2014 Recommendations

December recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.

Elizabeth Kolbert

Speaking to Us, Speaking to the World: Elizabeth Kolbert on the Craft of Environmental Journalism

Sarah Dimick sits down with Elizabeth Kolbert to discuss writing in and about the Anthropocene.

Anthropocene Slam

The Anthropocene Slam: Mutiny, Play, and the Everyday

The recent Anthropocene Slam at UW-Madison suggested that play might be a key strategy for survival in the “Age of Humans.”