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Wrenched: Edward Abbey and The Monkey Wrench Gang on the Big Screen

The new film “Wrenched,” directed by ML Lincoln, explores the legacy of Edward Abbey as author and action-based environmentalist in the American southwest.

Eight films

The “Eyes” Don’t Always Have It: Eight Films to Change Your Perspective on the World

Feeling trapped in an altogether human view of the world? These eight short films prompt viewers to, for a moment, abandon the familiar and instead examine issues like time and scale through surprising non-human perspectives.


Living By Fire

Every winter millions of Americans gather around their televisions to watch a fireplace. What is it about a fire that we love so much? And what is it like to live through a Wisconsin winter heated by fire?

Daniel Arsham

The Future Relics of Daniel Arsham

What can James Franco and a fossilized camera tell us about geology, labor, and objectivity?

December 2014 recommendation

Edgy Stuff: December 2014 Recommendations

December recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.

November 2014 Recommendations

Edgy Stuff: November 2014 Recommendations

November recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.

October 2014 Recommendations

Edgy Stuff: October 2014 Recommendations

October recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.

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Serious Laughs: Environmental Films That Provoke Thought . . . and Chuckles

Environmental filmmakers can’t just rely on intellectual proof—they also must connect emotionally. These eight tales successfully use humor to reach their audiences.