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Tales from Planet Earth Returns to Explore Belief, Environment, and Social Justice

With the Tales from Planet Earth film festival only days away, its organizers explore the festival theme “belief” by highlighting what audiences can anticipate.

April 2015 Recommendations

Edgy Stuff: April 2015 Recommendations

April 2015 recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board . . . and a couple farewells.


Wrenched: Edward Abbey and The Monkey Wrench Gang on the Big Screen

The new film “Wrenched,” directed by ML Lincoln, explores the legacy of Edward Abbey as author and action-based environmentalist in the American southwest.

Eight films

The “Eyes” Don’t Always Have It: Eight Films to Change Your Perspective on the World

Feeling trapped in an altogether human view of the world? These eight short films prompt viewers to, for a moment, abandon the familiar and instead examine issues like time and scale through surprising non-human perspectives.


Living By Fire

Every winter millions of Americans gather around their televisions to watch a fireplace. What is it about a fire that we love so much? And what is it like to live through a Wisconsin winter heated by fire?

Daniel Arsham

The Future Relics of Daniel Arsham

What can James Franco and a fossilized camera tell us about geology, labor, and objectivity?

December 2014 recommendation

Edgy Stuff: December 2014 Recommendations

December recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.

November 2014 Recommendations

Edgy Stuff: November 2014 Recommendations

November recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.

October 2014 Recommendations

Edgy Stuff: October 2014 Recommendations

October recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.

Funny environmental films

Serious Laughs: Environmental Films That Provoke Thought . . . and Chuckles

Environmental filmmakers can’t just rely on intellectual proof—they also must connect emotionally. These eight tales successfully use humor to reach their audiences.