The Edge Effects podcast features interviews with scholars, scientists, activists, and artists who engage with questions of environmental and cultural change. If you enjoy the podcast, please leave us a rating and a review wherever you get your podcasts.

Latest episodes

Aerial view on a futuristic garden with greenery and man-made structure in Singapore

The Hidden Histories of Mud Crabs and Oil Monsters in Singapore: A Panel Discussion

Matthew Schneider-Mayerson, Neo Xiaoyun, and Yogesh Tulsi discuss their contributions to the anthology Eating Chilli Crab in the Anthropocene: Environmental Perspectives on Life in Singapore.
Performers on a stage in front of a large elephant photo

The Unreliable Bestiary: A Conversation with Deke Weaver

Performance artist Deke Weaver gives a behind-the-scenes look at Unreliable Bestiary, an expansive multimedia project that tells the stories of endangered animal species.
A sign saying "Solidarity Against AAPI Hate" in front of the National Mall

Framing Asian Suffering in an Anti-Black World: A Conversation with Claire Jean Kim

Political science scholar Claire Jean Kim outlines how COVID-19 came to be racialized and discusses the implications of foregrounding anti-Asian harassment and violence in an anti-Black society.
Flood water on concrete near an old building

Living with Floods: A Conversation with Caroline Gottschalk Druschke

The Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin experienced historic flood events in late summer 2018. To commemorate the third anniversary of these floods, Caroline Gottschalk Druschke shares how the oral history project Stories from the Flood helped with community healing in the aftermath.