Finding Hope and Community with Honeybees: A Conversation with Heather Swan

A sterling silver sculpture of a honeybee

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  1. Lou McKenzie says:

    Yes, I have thoughts to offer that can support the bees in a divine sense of purpose and place in evolution. In divine evolution, first came the etheric gaseous energies; then stones; next those plants rooted in the earth; and then we come to the worm. In the worm we move from inanimate to animate. The worm moves freely on the earth and is not rooted like trees or plants. As worm becomes a cocoon, and the pollinator follows, we see worm leave the earth with wings. What is so particular and spiritual about the honeybee is this. The hive is all about Love energy. The hive operates as a whole rather than a single bee. Operation is built on Love, and this is the first time in creation that the Love energy is expressed. Pure Love without lust or desire. What I have found is if the honeybee gets into the hu-man heart, the heart can open. The Love energy and God are the same. With Love in the heart, there is room for major change and for the man/wo-man soul to to evolve…its called involution of the soul. Thank you for taking the time to read what I know.

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