Why We Need Experimental Poetry in the Anthropocene: A Conversation with Lynn Keller

Lynn Keller stands in front of several lines of poetry written in grey words on a wall. The words "en-wrap" "swaddled" "holdfast" and "Buddha" are emboldened.

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  1. Annis Pratt says:

    I am fascinated that poetry, like Eco-Fiction is coming to terms with human complicity in the destruction of our beloved planet. Poetry takes us to the soul of things, and Lynn Keller is an astute guide to what is going on there.

    I have a kind of idiosyncratic quibble with the term “anthropocene” because it strikes me as hubristic, one more instance of human self-centeredness. (see http://bit.ly/2EWxycs)

    Annis Pratt, Professor Emerita, the University of Wisconsin=Madison.

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