Where Land, Water, and Militants Meet: A Conversation with Nancy Langston

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  1. Maryann Owens says:

    A timely interview. Steen’s Mt calls to me too and I’ve been there many times. I’m a photographer, daughter of ranchers who once worked another of Peter French’s ranches, ecologist, and an observer of the grazed and, in places, over-grazed lands of the west. Ranchers feel their way of life and cultural values are a) under threat, b ) disappearing, or c) irrelevant.

    That there is a commonality that stems from love of place and love of land. That points to the way forward.

  2. Sam Demas says:

    Timely interview that sheds new light on the conflict at Malheur! Particularly interesting that the Refuge operates under a “Comprehensive Conservation Plan” that Dr. Langston considers exemplary in engaging differing stake holders. She goes on to suggest that it is the last place you’d expect to see a group wanting to “bully themselves into power” would want to take a stand.

    Either the Plan can be a tool for resolving this standoff, or perhaps it needs to be revisited in light of the standoff…..either way, thanks for this fascinating viewpoint on a dramatic example of environmental conflict resolution!

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