Millions of Insects and a Curator at Work

A red dragonfly rests on a thistle.

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  1. Michele Peel says:

    The general public has no concept of the severity of ecosystem disturbance and collapse. Scientists simply must find a way to alert and educate the public about these issues! How can we educate the public about the very serious dangers of pesticide use? — Organic Homesteader N. MS.

  2. Heather Swan says:

    Thank you for your comment, Michele. I also worry about ecosystem health. I think there are many people working to raise awareness through their work. Scientists like Peter Oboyski are doing outreach projects. Lots of writers and artists are sharing their perspectives and knowledge. Lots of individuals are simply having conversations with neighbors. I just finished teaching a group of innovative interdisciplinary students who are interested in thinking of new ways for humans to exist without so much negative environmental impact. I think there is hope!

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