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Jason deCaires Taylor's underwater sculpture "Anthropocene." Photograph by Jason deCaires Taylor.

The Anthropocene: The Promise and Pitfalls of an Epochal Idea

Has Homo sapiens become a geological actor altering the conditions of life so forcefully that our impacts are being written into the fossil record? If so, what are the implications for how we imagine human history, ethics, power, and responsibility?

Truck on dirt road through green fields

A Syllabus for Plantation Worlds

Drawing from postcolonial, Caribbean, Black, and Indigenous Studies, Sophie Sapp Moore and Aida Arosoaie curate a reading list that highlights the complex dynamics of plantation worlds, past and present. Their syllabus is the perfect end to our series on the Plantationocene.

Clouds over frozen lake

Attuning the Senses

In this multimedia meditation, Petra Rethmann describes how the practice of sensorial attunement (or attention to the world around her) brought healing and clarity to her pandemic isolation.

Cattle carcass with bone beneath its hide exposed, decaying in a field

When Climate, Cattle, and Copper Collide

For many Botswanan farmers and their cattle, home is where the water used to be. Justyn Huckleberry describes how international investments in copper mines erase families and their livestock from the land.