Multimedia and alternative texts from the CHE community.

One-Thirty to Three AM on a Train Through Eastern Ohio

A poem authored after many hours, spent alone, on a train.


Everyday Paths of Water in the City

How do people encounter water every day in São Paulo, and how can those encounters suggest opportunities for dealing with water’s scarcity?


The Faces of Itaipu: Community, Memory, and Struggle in Rural Brazil

A photo essay explores the realities of life and struggle in rural Brazil.


The Arboretum Edge

A gallery of photographs that meditate on the lesser-known corners of the UW-Madison Arboretum.


Exquisite Gestures: Meditation / Labor

A three-channel video art installation meditates on how everyday gestures, and the labor they perform, become exquisite.


Borderlands: Between Places and Landscapes

A poetic reflection on place, landscape, and our physical and mental journeys through them.


An Eye for Winter: In Praise of Local Beauty

What is there to love about winter in a frigid place like Wisconsin? Lots, if you’re willing to look.


Whatever. . . Never Mind, or Old Torvald Skaalen Died on Saturday

A story at the intersection of truth, lies, memory, and imagination set in the Norwegian-American cultural landscape of Stoughton, Wisconsin.

New York

The Close City: An Exhibit on Nature in New York

This photo series explores the tensions between permanence and transience in New York City’s urban landscapes.


Living By Fire

Every winter millions of Americans gather around their televisions to watch a fireplace. What is it about a fire that we love so much? And what is it like to live through a Wisconsin winter heated by fire?