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Seeds as Time Capsules

When Courtney Fullilove looks inside a seed, she sees Mennonite farmers, Comanche agriculture, and Echinacea patents. Her new book, “The Profit of the Earth,” shows that the genes of a seed can narrate the history of American empire.

Domestic Labor: Excavating the Public Sphere

Excavating the Private Sphere

A photo essay of mid-century domestic relics open a window on a woman’s hard, heroic, uncelebrated life.


From White Privilege to White Supremacy: An Illustrated Interview with Laura Pulido

Pursuing environmental justice requires recognizing the varied forms of racism.


Bicycling Renaissance: a Bike Boom of Old (With Lessons for the New)

An interview with Dr. Evan Friss about the 1890s bicycling revolution in the United States.


Edgy Stuff: February 2016 Recommendations

A special edition of our February 2016 recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board, honoring Black History Month.


Edgy Stuff: October 2015 Recommendations

October 2015 recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.


From Jack-O’-Lantern to Pumpkin Pie: The Surprising History of a Favorite Fall Icon

Historian Cindy Ott explains the unique political, economic, and symbolic roles the pumpkin has played in American culture.

October 2014 Recommendations

Edgy Stuff: October 2014 Recommendations

October recommendations from the Edge Effects editorial board.