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Designing Seeds and Laboratories for the Green Revolution

The modernism of the Green Revolution is visible not only in the genes of seeds developed by agronomists, but also in the architecture of the campuses and laboratories where those seeds were engineered.


The Tangled Roots of U.S. Imperialism and Biodiversity Science: A Conversation with Megan Raby

What does the scientific study of biological diversity have to do with the history of U.S. imperialism in the Caribbean? Just about everything, says the author of a new book on American field stations in the tropics.

An aerial view of Fordlandia

Five Reasons Why Henry Ford’s Failure in Brazil Still Matters Today

In this quick guide to Henry Ford’s lasting impact in the Amazon, the director of Beyond Fordlândia shares the untold stories of violence, pollution, and activism he uncovered while filming the new documentary.


Mining for Change in Bolivia

Despite changing political contexts, mining continues to define culture and landscapes in Bolivia.


Everyday Paths of Water in the City

How do people encounter water every day in São Paulo, and how can those encounters suggest opportunities for dealing with water’s scarcity?