Review: Adam Trexler’s Anthropocene Fictions

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  1. Jed Hopkins says:

    Nice review Sarah! I feel like I really need to read this book and grapple with this this fascinating issue of how novels do their truth telling. Thank you for featuring this.

  2. Annis Pratt says:

    This is a tremendously useful article for those of us who, having discovered that we are writing it, are trying to get our minds around eco-fiction. Annis Pratt,

  3. Sarah Dimick says:

    I’m so glad this review is proving useful. People often ask which cli-fi novel I’d recommend picking up first, and I think Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Windup Girl is an interesting entry into the genre. Trexler covers Bacigalupi’s work in great depth, so it’s now possible to read it in tandem with a critical analysis!

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