Outswimming Extinction in the Great Lakes

Lake Erie seen from above, with swaths of green ribbons cutting through the blue water, evidence of an ongoing algal bloom

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  1. Annis, I hadn’t realized you were such a great and active environmentalist! This is a terrific article summarizing the essential theses of “The Death and Life of The Great Lakes” which I read only in part and then gave as a July bbirthday present to Ryan, my great nephew, who is trying to get an environmental club going in his high school. Think I’ll print out your article and send it on to him as he’s so involved in local theater that he probably hasn’t had time to read the book. Not to mention that he, his parents (my nephew Nat and wife Karen) and younger brother Justin are all headed to Barcelona and Valencia for 2 wks at Christmas to meet up with older brother Jared who is spending gap year in Spain before heading to Brown for college next fall.
    Anyway, I am almost as impressed by your article as I was originally by Egan’s landmark book! Go, Annis!