Wisconsin’s John Muir: An Interview with Michael Edmonds

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  1. Kathleen says:

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    We hosted this exhibit in Montello and Michael Edmonds came to speak here. It was a great presentation. I find so much interesting information about John Muir, geology, geography, history, birding and more on the new Marquette County John Muir Nature and History Route mobile app, also available on your PC. There are 22 sites in John Muir’s boyhood home that you can visit, some connected directly to Muir and others that help tell the story of what life was like for the Muirs when they first came to Wisconsin from Scotland in 1849. You can print out activity sheets ahead of time if you want, to make your visits even more fun. Some are especially geared for children. Here is the address for the app http://muirboyhoodhome.toursphere.com

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