Wading out the Kickapoo River Flood

Kickapoo River covers a roadway in muddy water.

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  1. Bent Lauge Madsen says:

    Said the father of
    floodplain governance, Gilbert Fowler White 1945: “Floods are acts of God but flood losses are largely acts of men”. Man has stolen the floodplains, where the river would store the water. Prudent floodplain governance is to enhance the retention capacity in the catchments small streams (tributaries) and to restore the floodability of the larger streams floodplains. Good examples are emerging in the Charles River Catchments the upper Mississippi river basin, and European Elbe Catchment. In a smaller scale,Denmark has taken a bold step in a forthcoming new Watercourse act: Concerted catchment governance and reestablishment of “Water parking places” upstream floodprone areas. A new political insight is dawning : The floodplain belongs to the stream. “What nature has joined together man should not tear asunder”